Vertical Stock Picker Training

Bring your team up to speed with the right skills and safety knowledge to drive vertical stock pickers. At East Midlands Driver Training, we offer comprehensive vertical stock picker forklift training with AITT-accredited instructors for the S3 course.

We work with you to create a relaxing atmosphere whether the course is carried out at your site or at our dedicated test centre. Vertical stock pickers can reach racks and shelves up high with speed and efficiency, but safety is also paramount in any workspace.

For vertical stock forklift driver training, we know there are always different requirements, which is why provide the following:

  • Basic training – for beginners aiming to obtain their vertical stock picker certificate
  • Experienced courses – for experienced operators renewing their certificate
  • Safety refresher courses – for operators who hold a current certificate
  • Conversion courses – for operators converting from one type of forklift to another

We work with businesses across the East Midlands – including Loughborough, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester – to bring you forklift training courses that place the emphasis on safe operation, allowing you to get the most out of your equipment.

Contact us to book your course today or to speak to our team about our S3 vertical stock picker courses.