Side Loader Training

Giving your team the confidence and the knowledge to operate side loader forklifts, at East Midlands Driver Training, we offer side loader training. Our comprehensive courses can be delivered at your site or at our dedicated test centre, and all our instructors are AITT-accredited so you know you’re getting professional training in a relaxed environment.

Side loaders are ideal for longer loads, allowing the driver to carry and lift from the side instead of the front, which would unbalance a traditional forklift. These are typically used for carrying long construction materials such as timber, steel and sheeting.

We have side loader forklift training for drivers of all ability levels, including:

  • Basic training – for beginners aiming to obtain their side loader certificate
  • Experienced courses – for experienced operators renewing their certificate
  • Safety refresher courses – for operators who hold a current certificate
  • Conversion courses – for operators converting from one type of forklift to another

Our instructors are experienced and ensure no one is left to fall behind, all the time keeping safety at the heart of the training. We provide training for all types of forklift across Loughborough, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and the entire East Midlands region.

Book your course today or find out more about side loader forklift driver training by contacting our team.