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How Often Do You Need to Refresh Your Forklift License?

Unlike a typical driving license, a forklift license must be refreshed every five years at the very maximum. In many cases, as we will discuss later in this article, forklift operators will need to refresh their license sooner. In any case, forklift refresher training is simple to arrange. With East Midlands Driver Training, refresher training can be completed at a dedicated testing centre or on your own site.

How often do you need to refresh your forklift license?

When do you need to refresh your forklift license?

Most operator licenses issued by UK accrediting bodies have a five-year expiry date, prompting you to get refresher training towards the end of the validity period. 

However, there are other instances where someone might need to get refresher training earlier than five years:

  • After a period of absence

If for whatever reason a forklift operator is not active for a long period of time, they may require training to refresh their knowledge and skills. Returning to work after a pandemic is a perfect example of when refresher training might be required.

  • If you only use forklifts occasionally

Not everyone who obtains a forklift license drives a forklift every day. For some, their job requires only occasional forklift driving, and there might be some very long periods in between jobs. These types of operators may benefit from getting additional training to refresh their knowledge and skills.

  • If unsafe working practices are identified, changes have been made to the workplace or an incident has taken place

If a new hazard has been discovered or a change has occurred in the workplace that may create a new hazard, refresher training may be useful for ensuring that all operators are aware of how to avoid it.

The most important thing to remember is that refresher training should be provided when it is needed and not simply until the date when it is due. 

Why do forklift licenses need to be refreshed?

Forklifts are large, heavy and powerful pieces of equipment that can quickly become a serious danger if not operated safely. To ensure that everyone remains safe in the workplace, forklift operators are required to undergo additional training to refresh their knowledge and skills. This will:

  • Reduce accidents
  • Remove bad habits
  • Enhance safety

In addition, UK regulations, specifically PUWER 98, require businesses to ensure forklift operators are fully trained and competent. This includes holding a valid forklift license. 

How long does refresher training take?

Refresher training courses typically take just one day to complete. They can be completed at your site or at our own dedicated testing centre.

How much is refresher training?

The exact price of refresher training will depend on the type of forklift you need to be trained on. In any case, refresher training is much shorter and will cost less than beginner’s training. 

Refresh your forklift knowledge and stay safe in the workplace. East Midlands Driver Training is a leading provider of forklift refresher courses across the East Midlands. With years of experience under their belts, our instructors know how to conduct training sessions with safety and efficiency in mind. We’ll ensure you’re brought up to date with all the current health and safety guidelines and that you have the confidence to drive a forklift once again.

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